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My Last Week of School

File May 17, 2 07 12 PMAlthough this was my last week of school, we had a huge  blast. First, we had fun selling Lucas Bands for a young boy who has cancer who goes to this school. This week they were sold for one dollar each. Last week they were two dollars each, so this week was a discount. We went around the school with  two bags. One held the cool Lucas Bands and the other held the money we made! When a kid bought a band they would hand someone the money and then someone else would hand them a Lucas band. We sold a ton to each grade. Some people bought one, two, and some people bought ten! We made a ton of money too. After the first week we sod more than two thousand three hundred bands and we are still counting. Next, we had to help our teacher pack up the things in his classroom. This summer the school will be waxing the floors, so all of the teachers will need to move their furniture. Some people put tape on the stuff and wrote Haney to show our teacher’s possession toward the item. Others took the books off the shelves and carefully  placed them into a very large cardboard box that other had to build. Building the boxes was not an easy task. They had to fold the box correctly and then hold it into the place until they could tape it. Some other people took posters of the wall, They had to unstable and rip every single thing off the wall .We are almost finished. Then, we helped our teacher harvest the garden. We harvested the broccoli which was very very huge, the strawberries which were very very sweet plus tasty, the peas which were interesting, and the beans that tasted very very good. We got to eat and try all of the plants that we grew. Some were good other were very very bad. It was like a taste test. Also, we had field day. Field day is where kids have to do three to four different events. The main events are jump rope, hula hoop, hula hoop circle relay, football throw, shoe kick, running relay, 50 yard dash, tug of war, dizzy Lizzy, sponge relay, the water balloon toss, and the teacher running relay. The events that I did were jump rope, hula hoop circle relay, running relay, and the sponge relay. I won a third and first place ribbon. Next, I did the last class party. A room mom brought in chicken nuggets and  a dipping sauce. There was also a wide arrangement of fruit and tasty and yummy chips. For dessert they served an end of the year cook cake. I ate three very large pieces. They turned the karaoke machine on and many people sang their very favorite songs. Others took out their phones and played many fun games. To finish off the week there was fifth grade awards show that include many great things. It had memory videos that made the families want to cry very loudly. Then the students came in to preform  a song we learned this year. Then they did the special area awards. I din’t get any of those, but I really don’t mind because I got the reading award that made me very happy. I also won honor role. Lastly, I won the presidential award that the president actually signs for very excellent grades. That is the crazy but amazing things that I did the week. This will high light the great and wonderful times I had in this classroom.





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Top 10 Things This Year

10) Track Meet (Long Jump)

9) Field Trips (Caverns, KARM, Wonder Works)

8) Commerials (Coupon Books and Coats For the Cold)

7) Movies and Trailors (Scripts, Filming, and editing)

6) Garden ( Planting, growing, eating)

5) Ticket to Read ( 1st in the Country)

4) Parties (Holiday, orange and white, and class)

3) Pen pals ( Skypes, emails, cards, and candy)

2) Haunted House ( Fundraiser)

1)Christmas Celebration ( Parade and Party)








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Blog Wordle

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Washington D.C. Powerpoint

Ava. s and lily from mrhaneyrhes
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Week 34 Over

Week 34 is over, but we had some very fun times! First,we went on a field trip to KARM. KARM is a place were people go if they have no place to live. They get to take showers, get a place to sleep, and take class to get a job. We went to the KARM Thrift Store and helped fold 800 meals of clothes, then we drew encouraging pictures for the residents at the KARM Mission Home. Here is Karm’s mission.

Knox Area Rescue Ministries provides daily for those most vulnerable and desperate among us, first supplying rescue services of food and shelter, then healthy, supportive relationships, and ultimately restoration, including job-training opportunities.

We believe that rescue begins when someone comes through our doors with all their brokenness on display. We then offer safe shelter, a warm meal, and overwhelming biblical hospitality.

When rescue is combined with the support and encouragement provided by healthy relationships that reflect the heart of Jesus – Jesus, who spent his earthly ministry investing in 12 individuals who in turn invested in others – then true restoration can occur…restoration to God, self, family, and community.

KARM serves nearly 1,000 meals per day, feeding not only the homeless, but many in crisis who must choose between food and other basic needs.

KARM’s emergency and residential shelter for men, women and families are home to nearly 400 people each night, providing a safe place of encouragement to those in need.

We also toured the area and met workers there. It was a really fun field trip. Next, I received a kind greeting letter from my pen pal who lives in South Korea. Her name is So-min Im and is a very artistic person. I wrote her back yesterday to answer questions about school and other really fun topics. I also gave clues to her about what I looked like to prepare for the guess who thing we are doing next week. Also, in history class we started our novel study essay. Each day we did a different paragraph in class. We were assigned a book t read in class. Every 9 pages you take notes. Also, in class we read a textbook that was filled with tons of information. On Monday, we started planing out what the books both have and what is very different in them. I tried my best to use ons of text evidence  and write a lot. Also we did 3 science experiments. The first was a walking slinky race. Two groups had any number of textbooks to made a stairway to get a slinky to walk right down without falling down. My group won by each person holding a book slanted downward so that I would not slip. Another, science thing we did was the car race. Each person chose a car that they thought was the fastest based on how the wheels rolled, the size, and the weight. My teacher put us in lad groups where we checked the length, width, and height of the cars. Then we got a scale where we compared the car’s weight. Mine  came second to  last, but I didn’t really mind. Next we went outside to the playground and to the slide where we raced them. It was a very close race, but I came in third. The winning car was Hayden’s yellow one. Later, all the groups winning cars battled it out for 1st. Hayden came in second. The final science experiment we did was a marble race. Each team got four different rulers, two marbles,and 5 textblooks. We recorded the times with a stop watch. We only had five minutes per ruler so we had to use team work and go fast. Next, the week we ate donuts for Hayden’s birthday. They were very tasty and to top it off, they were glazed with frosting! Lastly, we wrote a song for Lucas. Lucas is a 1st grader at our school who has cancer. We are doing a donation by selling Lucas bands. For the school commercial we are shooting, we need a theme song. We wrote the song  and recorded it with his class it.  .  Also, we wrote mothers day cards. I drew and wrote very very very nice card for my mom whom I love with all my heart. That is what I did this week.


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Week 33

Week 33 was a blast, and here is what I did. First, we took math and reading TNready tests on Tuesday and Wedsday. Sadly, the social studies and science were canceled,but that gave us the time to have art and music class or 45 minutes! Next, we did a science experiment. Each student was put into different groups which did different things. My group did the slinky challenge. We had to find way to use textbooks to get the slinky to “walk” down to the floor from our dest. We used our team members to create a stair way for the slinky and it worked! Also, we picked radishes out of the garden. Each person got a red and a white radish. On Monday, my teacher is bringing them back to eat. IMG_6456They are very big and on  Lastly, we celebrated a pizza party or Aaron, who won ticket to read. There was a movie, karaoke, and video games. That is what I did this week.




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Week 32

Week 32 was so much fun and rewarding. One thing we did was tons of test prep. We took a practice test on every day of the week except Tuesday, but if you got a 100 on a test you would get a piece of candy from a small box. I was awarded with candy every single time! The tests were given to us to get ready for the TN ready test next week. Next, we went to a sole singers. It was a group of people from 4rth and 5th grade who tried out after school. Every Thursday they had an hour of practice or their performance. Lastly, we got to take our clay animals home. Every made a perfect sphere and added eyes and a mouth, plus they added wild hair or other eatures to make it special. That is what I did during week 32.File Apr 21, 2 25 52 PM

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Solo Song

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Shaved Ice for Lucas from Jordan Haney on Vimeo.

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Week 31

The school year is almost over, but we are stilling having loads of fun. First,we started writing the scripts for our movie called Schools Out and it is about kids who show up to school and there are no teachers! I play the brainiac, Aaron plays the neat freak, Eric plays the jock, and Ava plays the snobby cheerleader. Next,made a commercial for Luscas who has cancer. A fundraiser is called shaved ice to support him and a lot of kids buy the ice. Finally, we had a pizza party for Sara and Andrew’s birthday. We had fun , but did a lot o TNready test prep. That’s what I didIMG_6364


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